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Who we are:

Wood County Building Inspection is one of several county departments operating under the authority of the Board of County Commissioners. We are responsible for administering and enforcing all applicable building codes with regard to residential and commercial construction in our jurisdiction, as well as providing assistance to our customers so that they may understand and meet the code requirements for their project.

Our office has the largest geographical jurisdiction of all building departments in Ohio, covering Wood, Hancock, Henry, and Fulton Counties for all commercial construction, as well as Wood County, Napoleon Corporation limits, and Wauseon Coporation limits for residential construction.


What we do:

In order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens in our jurisdiction, all construction must meet a series of requirements set forth by specific building codes. This includes new construction, additions to existing structures and remodeling. Both residential and commercial construction must meet these codes, and it is our job to enforce them. For commercial work, the 2024 Ohio Building Code (OBC) is the applicable code. For residential work, the 2019 Residential Code of Ohio for One, Two & Three Family Dwellings is the applicable code for Wood County.

Our office assists customers by providing the following services:

  • Processing Building Permit applications and payments
  • Reviewing and approving plans and specifications for construction
  • Issuing Building Permits along with stamped, approved plans
  • Providing ongoing inspection of projects until completion and occupancy
  • Offering guidance and helpful information on how to complete your project
We are always willing to help with any questions or concerns that you may have!


What you need:

Other pages on this site will offer you additional detailed information on what you need in order to obtain a permit for your specific project.

For information on one, two and three family dwellings, click the Residential button on the navigation bar to the left. For information on commercial, industrial and institutional projects, select Commercial. To print or download copies of building permits or residential customer submittal drawings (drawings you can submit yourself), select Permits. To find out about zoning information, select Zoning Boards. Information on inspection procedures can be found at Inspections, and a complete schedule of fees can be viewed by selecting Permit Fees. To find out the status of a permit or inspection, click Permits / Inspections.

Miscellaneous Forms

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