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The Wood County Building Inspection Department is located on the third floor of the County Office Building adjacent to the Courthouse. The office hours are Monday through Friday.

Hours: 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

Phone: (419) 354-9190, Fax:(419) 373-6786.
E-mail: The mailing address is:

Wood County Building Inspection
One Courthouse Square
Bowling Green, OH 43402

In order to obtain a Building, Plumbing, Heating, Electrical, Fire Alarm, or Sprinkler Permit from our office, the applicant will need to do the following:


    Visit our online portal found on the home page (or if possible, add link to contractor portal here) and submit digitally. Payment for the permit is expected when the plans are uploaded and submitted to our office. Once plans are submitted, the portal link will re-direct you to the payment link where you can either pay via Credit/Debit card or E-Check. (Credit card processing fees apply). When submitting online, the applicant will be responsible for printing an approved hard copy to have at the jobsite for any and all inspections. This can be done by accessing your account on the contractor portal.


    For Building Permits for new construction, additions and/or alterations:

    1. Three sets of drawings, two sets of specifications (if any), permit application and fee shall be submitted to the Department. When approved, all sets of drawings will be stamped and signed and the permit will be issued by the Department. One set of drawings will be retained by the Department and one set shall be maintained at the construction site by the permit applicant. Only complete plans, in accordance with the 2024 OHIO BUILDING CODE requirements, will be reviewed. It shall be the responsibility of the permit applicant to check the plan review status following submission of the drawings for approval.

      1. All new structures, additions and renovations shall be designed in accordance with the requirements of the 2024 OHIO BUILDING CODE.

      2. All documents submitted for commercial projects shall show proof of responsibility by a licensed professional. Drawings shall be sealed by an Architect or Engineer licensed to practice in the State of Ohio.

      3. All stuctural drawings shall show design loads and any calculations required to demonstrate the structural integrity of the design, as well as conformance to requirements of the OBC.

      4. In addition to the above, drawings shall be to scale and shall show as much detail as necessary in order to substantiate conformance to the OBC.

    2. No work is to commence at the job site until the building permits have been obtained.

    3. Revisions to approved plans shall be by submission of revised drawings for approval as outlined in item 1 above.

    4. Plans will be reviewed in the order in which they are received and no plans will be "walked through" at the time of the application.

    5. Prior to the issuance of the Building Permit:

      1. A copy of the Zoning Permit shall be submitted for our file.

      2. If a Sanitary Sewer Permit, Water Tap Permit, or EPA Septic System Permit is required, supply our office with the permit number.

  3. For Heating, Plumbing, Electrical, Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Permits: Drawings should normally have been included with the building plans. If not, three copies of the drawings are required to be submitted along with the application, additional plan review fees, and sealed by a engineer or architect. These permits are issued subsequent to plan review and approval.

Property owner, architect, engineer or contractor may apply for the above permits, which can be obtained by mail by including a stamped, self-addressed envelope with the application and fee. However, no drawings will be returned via mail from our office due to the volume and size of the plans we receive. Permits issued for electrical, plumbing, heating, or refrigeration require a State of Ohio contractor’s license number.

Work started without having applied for required permits will be subject to double the original fee and fines.

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